Tuesday, August 17

My Mid Year Resolution

A week ago today I was sitting in Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River with my mom and her sister, having an animated conversation about shaving. It went somewhere along the lines of this:

Auntie Trish: "I shave every day."
Me: "Whaaat!? (reflecting upon my own shaving habits)"
Auntie Trish: "Yep, I have a little routine and I get it all done."
No: "Wait, you shave everything. Every day."
Auntie Trish: "Yeah, I just hate the feeling of not shaving."

At another time, I was listening in on one of Brandon and Jill's conversations when Brandon's hand happened to brush Jill's leg. Here's the conversation that followed:

Brandon: "Jill! You told me that you would start shaving more often we were married!"
Jill: [Silence]

After considering both of these conversations, I decided that I want adopt my aunt's practices. Surprisingly, I have been successful thus far.

But it has only been a week... We'll see where I'm at a month from now.


Sara said...

much admiration to you from me. I feel like I have to consciously plan at least a day ahead in order to get shaving in.

Rachel G said...

hahaha. It's a really good habit to start :)

Rachelle Arlene Doxey said...

Because of the conversations we have had about shaving, I am ridiculously impressed by this mid-year resolution of yours! Also, I would like to add that Brad and I already have deals going about my future shaving habits... :) I think it is kind of a big deal to guys.

Jill said...

HA. this is a lie. rude, dani.