Monday, August 30

Slow Dancing in USANA Amphitheater

This song makes me a little weak in the knees. Honestly, I don't think anyone has composed anything more perfect than the opening guitar line of this song. You agree, no?

And just so you know, I will be watching him onstage and listening to him play in less than 24 hours.

Oh dear.

The only thing that makes this little scenario less than perfect is the fact that Cute Boy isn't going with me. Curse the BYU Accounting program!

Ps: for those who don't love profanity, make sure to skip 2:46-2:49 of this clip :)

Tuesday, August 24


I have decided that I am a bit too pale for August 24. I am have decided to reinstate my tan through hour-long appointments with the sun every day until it becomes too frigid to do so.

I miss my blonde hair (quick aside: The word 'blonde' only applies to females. The word 'blond' on the other hand can refer to either a man or a woman. Crazy crazy crazy. I love words). I dyed it brown because bleaching it was becoming too damaging, but it turned blue over my highlights. Eek. So I went to get it fixed and it worked for awhile but now it's turning red. Sigh. I think I'm going to take matters into my own hands pretty soon...

James Morrison Radio on
My latest love.

I pretty much swear by this philosophy. And I have recently acquired a copy of the book behind it all (c/o Jill and Brando. Who may or may not ever see it again...). So you should all know that if I run into you within the next two weeks I am going to categorize you based on what color I think you are and then figure out exactly how to make you like me more based on your color. Because guess what, I am a Yellow. Starved for attention/adoration and all.

No one loves this man more than me. Except maybe himself. Either way, I'm going to his concert in exactly one week. It's gonna be Obsession 2008 all over again, so brace yourselves (Jord: you had better be going too!).

Wednesday, August 18

i believe in mickey mouse

Lately I have been craving the happiest place on earth.
And I know I'm probably driving Cute Boy crazy begging him to go, but I just can't stop thinking about it!

Here are my favorite things about this place:
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
New Orleans Square
Firework shows above the castle
Funnel Cakes
Indiana Jones
Disney music audible from every point in the park
Splash Mountain
Mouse sightings
Me starting to believe that all of the stories are real


Tuesday, August 17

My Mid Year Resolution

A week ago today I was sitting in Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River with my mom and her sister, having an animated conversation about shaving. It went somewhere along the lines of this:

Auntie Trish: "I shave every day."
Me: "Whaaat!? (reflecting upon my own shaving habits)"
Auntie Trish: "Yep, I have a little routine and I get it all done."
No: "Wait, you shave everything. Every day."
Auntie Trish: "Yeah, I just hate the feeling of not shaving."

At another time, I was listening in on one of Brandon and Jill's conversations when Brandon's hand happened to brush Jill's leg. Here's the conversation that followed:

Brandon: "Jill! You told me that you would start shaving more often we were married!"
Jill: [Silence]

After considering both of these conversations, I decided that I want adopt my aunt's practices. Surprisingly, I have been successful thus far.

But it has only been a week... We'll see where I'm at a month from now.

Saturday, August 14


The title of this post is the amount of money that was handed to me by Provo city four days ago for damages done to my car by city workers while cutting branches off of a tree. I honestly can't think of more fortuitous circumstances. It is just bad enough that some of the paint scratched off, meaning that in order to fix it completely, an auto body shop would have to repaint almost the entire side of my car. But it's not bad enough that you can see it without careful scrutinization. So I took my car in to get some quotes, dropped said quotes off at the Provo city Legal Department and two weeks later received the check signed by Uncle Sam. Mmm yes. I love me some insurance fraud.

On a completely different note, did you know that the 'a' in the word 'fathom' rhymes with 'apple' and not 'father'? Because guess what, I just found out last night. My world was rocked by that little grammatical earthquake. And I am still suffering from the aftershocks.