Monday, March 29

Yes Please

Sephora has come to Provo.
And I can't decide if this is the best thing to have happened to me... or the wor$t.

Monday, March 22

LOTR-Fest 2010 Part 1, Installment 2

Yes that's right.
Half an hour a day of LOTR starting with The Fellowship until the end of the semester.

Party starts every night at 11.
Come come come!

Sunday, March 21

3.20.10: The Saddest Day

Kansas lost.
BYU lost.

March Madness was so fun until both of my teams lost. Right after each other. On the same court.

Monday, March 15

My Friend Theo

comes home in 9 days!
Party in the USA coming soon.

Wednesday, March 3

Dear World

My back is broken.

Literally. I am not paralyzed or anything crazy like that, but there are two hairline fractures in my spine.


All I want to do is go out and run and run until I puke (I have never actually done that, but it sounds amazing after more than two weeks of living a sedentary lifestyle).