Tuesday, March 24

Loraina Binning: My Little Asian Muse

As of five minutes ago, I have a secret blog. Below is my first secret post (I thought I'd share, so as not to be rude. And yes, I am aware that this makes me look a little obsessed with Loraina.):

I would like to say that Loraina Binning is a genius. Apparently she has 2 secret blogs that she has not invited any of us to read. As a result of this, I am equally offended and impressed. I want a secret blog! And THIS is the product of my envy, a copycat version of Loraina's brainchild. I don't understand how that girl's mind works. Seriously, I wish I had her creativity. I tell her all the time that her blog is my favorite to read. She probably thinks I am just joking or something, but I am constantly impressed with that girl. I want her brain. I covet her brain. I've always thought that mine possessed moderate amounts of creativity, but I've got nothing on that girl. So here I am, copying Loraina with my very own secret blog. Too bad she won't be able to read it. Turnabout's fair play! Muwahahaha.