Sunday, September 20

My Nutty Roommate Audrey (and other things)

This is going to be a long post... :)

These first few weeks at BYU have been My anticipation that Audrey and Rachelle would be great roommates has definitely been met, as they are two very cool girls. Since Rachelle has a boyfriend and hence is not around all of the time, me and Audrey have been spending quite a lot of time together, which has led me to one fascinating conclusion: she is certifiably crazy. I shall expound. Audrey is a self-proclaimed creature of habit. We have twice gone to the grocery store together and she always buys the exact same things. Every time. She eats a nightly bowl of cereal at 10:00. She presses the snooze button twice on her alarm clock every day before getting up. I don't understand it. Also, she is obsessed with Michael Jackson, something that I don't relate to. At all. It has, however, been highly entertaining to observe.
This is us at the pep rally on Thursday before the game. It was actually really cool to be in the stadium at night when it was almost completely empty.

2. As mentioned in the first part of this post, Rachelle has a boyfriend. His name is Tyler. Because of this, Rachelle, Tyler, Audrey and I have frequently found ourselves hanging out together. Rachelle, wanting to increase our social circle (and also looking out for her roommates), asked Tyler to find men for Audrey and I so that we don't always feel like the respective third and fourth wheels of their relationships. Charity boys, essentially. So Tyler goes directly to Andrew Smith, one of my friends from freshman year, and asks him to hang out with us on the weekends. He meant to be nice, but it only had the effect of making us feel slightly pathetic. Thanks for the thought though, Tyler!

3. You know what feels great? Turning in a paper that you know you aced. It's AWESOME!

4. Daniel C. Richards. In case you're just tuning in, read this post to see what I'm talking about. Anyway, after 3 long years of having this boy's phone number in my contacts list in my cell phone, I texted him: "Um hello. Are you married?" to which he responded: "Yes. Who is this?" So ends the saga.

5. I love tv. A lot. So much, in fact that I build my work schedule around my tv schedule. The catch to all of this is that my apartment doesn't actually have a tv... So how do I solve this dilemma? Gold's Gym. It is the best thing ever. I just go to the gym and work out during my shows! It solves the problem I have been having ever since getting here of when to work out because I could never find the time. Do you see the implications of this? There are some days when I am working out for HOURS because of my dedication to primetime television. I am now going to take this opportunity to share with the world my television lineup:
Mon: Gossip Girl (1 hour)
Tues: The Biggest Loser (2 hours)
Wed: Glee, SYTYCD (2 hours)
Thurs: The Office, Grey's Anatomy (1-2 hours depending on the week)

6. Twilight. I hate. So so much. I have read them all though, sadly and seen the movie. I always try to find ways to justify this to myself, but there really is no good excuse. It is unpardonable. Rachelle and Audrey feel the exact same way about this situation. So the other day, I come home from work and they show me the trailer that just came out for the new movie. Here it is: Again I feel like I have to say: I HATE TWILIGHT! But...this movie...actually looks okay. Not to mention Dakota Fanning, who looks amazing. I am cautiously intrigued by it. What does everybody think??

7. As promised, for Beth Price :) Last Saturday night, after BYU beat Tulane, me, Audrey, Rachelle and Tyler (ha) went out to the airport again to meet the team coming into the Provo airport. There were only a few hundred people this time though. After he got off the plane, Bronco said to the crowd: "Last week was one thing, but you guys are the real fans." Also I got a high five from Max Hall. It was magical.

8. On the flip side, BYU lost yesterday :( Sad sad sad sad day. Seriously though, Florida State kicked our butts hardcore. As turnover after turnover was made, I began to hear a series of Mormon curses coming from the crowd around me. "Freak!", "Goshdangit!", and "What the heck!?" were some of my favorites. Haha I love BYU and our clean language even under extreme duress. Very inspiring. Our defense's playing on the other hand: not quite so much. Despite this, I remain a loyal BYU football fan.

9. I got my bangs cut the other day and they look absolutely horrible. Embarrassingly so. Hence, for the next month I will be wearing my bangs clipped back just like in the picture at the beginning of this way long post.

And thus I close mine epistle.

Sunday, September 6

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

Yes, that just happened. I'm giddy. I just got back from the Provo airport where the football team flew in from Dallas, TX just a few short hours after handily beating No. 3 ranked University of Oklahoma. Mmmm what a great night. Well done, boys. Well done.

And it's all thanks to this man.

I love you, BYU :)

Wednesday, September 2

i seriously love byu

BYU is the best place in the world, I'm convinced of it. On Saturday after returning to Provo, I walked up to the bookstore to get my textbooks for the upcoming semester and it felt amazing. I know, weird right? Just walking up rape hill, past the testing center, Eyring science center, and library (where I will be spending a sick amount of time this year) and into the bookstore was Grrrreat! (To quote Tony the Tiger). I know that come midterms I'll have a different take on it, but for the honeymoon week of the fall 2009 semester, I am still completely and naively in love with BYU.

Why? You ask...

Well. Because of my rad rad friends who I now will attempt to name (in order of appearance since my return to Provo):

-Audrey S.
-Rachelle D.
-Jon L. (we need to hang out. soon.)
-Brandon B. (see the above)
-Whitney E. (see the above +we are going to dominate in volleyball. hardcore.)
-Lauren P.
-Crystal B./M.
-Rachel L.
-Ann R.
-Hannah S.
-Kaitlin A./M.
-Ashley V./G.
(funnn girl reunion)
-Adam D.
-Jordan E./C. (I am SO glad you are in my humanities class!)
-Pretty much everybody at the Tfund. I like that place way too much for it to be a job.
-Brad Tilley
-Shae McPhee
-Andrew Smith
-Stephen Tew
-Sam Parkinson
After tirelessly scanning the faces of everyone I pass on campus for the past 3 days, I have only seen these 5 boys. Sad sad sad. But don't worry ex-freshmen boys, I will find the rest of you... Wait and see.

Just as I suspected, this year has been supafly. I wish I had more to report, but this is it for now.

Oh and one more thing: bonfire on Friday night? I may or may not have been spreading the news abroad... Yes? No? Yes? Yes? Let's do it!

I love you all!