Saturday, August 14


The title of this post is the amount of money that was handed to me by Provo city four days ago for damages done to my car by city workers while cutting branches off of a tree. I honestly can't think of more fortuitous circumstances. It is just bad enough that some of the paint scratched off, meaning that in order to fix it completely, an auto body shop would have to repaint almost the entire side of my car. But it's not bad enough that you can see it without careful scrutinization. So I took my car in to get some quotes, dropped said quotes off at the Provo city Legal Department and two weeks later received the check signed by Uncle Sam. Mmm yes. I love me some insurance fraud.

On a completely different note, did you know that the 'a' in the word 'fathom' rhymes with 'apple' and not 'father'? Because guess what, I just found out last night. My world was rocked by that little grammatical earthquake. And I am still suffering from the aftershocks.

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Rachel G said...

Two thumbs up!! Don't spend it all in one place, or save it for a REALLY pretty dress :)

And I am cracking up about the fathom thing - did you really not know that??