Wednesday, August 18

i believe in mickey mouse

Lately I have been craving the happiest place on earth.
And I know I'm probably driving Cute Boy crazy begging him to go, but I just can't stop thinking about it!

Here are my favorite things about this place:
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
New Orleans Square
Firework shows above the castle
Funnel Cakes
Indiana Jones
Disney music audible from every point in the park
Splash Mountain
Mouse sightings
Me starting to believe that all of the stories are real



Dalaney & Hannah said...

Tell (your) Cute Boy HI.

Jill said...

you better give me my color book back. brat.

and let me know when you go to d-land. i love it and miss it.

Jill said...

ps i just figured out how to comment. neat!