Tuesday, August 24


I have decided that I am a bit too pale for August 24. I am have decided to reinstate my tan through hour-long appointments with the sun every day until it becomes too frigid to do so.

I miss my blonde hair (quick aside: The word 'blonde' only applies to females. The word 'blond' on the other hand can refer to either a man or a woman. Crazy crazy crazy. I love words). I dyed it brown because bleaching it was becoming too damaging, but it turned blue over my highlights. Eek. So I went to get it fixed and it worked for awhile but now it's turning red. Sigh. I think I'm going to take matters into my own hands pretty soon...

James Morrison Radio on pandora.com.
My latest love.

I pretty much swear by this philosophy. And I have recently acquired a copy of the book behind it all (c/o Jill and Brando. Who may or may not ever see it again...). So you should all know that if I run into you within the next two weeks I am going to categorize you based on what color I think you are and then figure out exactly how to make you like me more based on your color. Because guess what, I am a Yellow. Starved for attention/adoration and all.

No one loves this man more than me. Except maybe himself. Either way, I'm going to his concert in exactly one week. It's gonna be Obsession 2008 all over again, so brace yourselves (Jord: you had better be going too!).

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Carly said...

i didn't know that about blond/blonde. way to go teach! :)