Friday, November 19

Project, Gratitude, Day 9

I'm 36 minutes past November 18, but I need to say what I was grateful for today because I was thinking about it all day long.

Today I am grateful for organization. Why? Because my mother's organizationally gifted (and recessive) genes somehow did not make it into my genetic makeup. I am sloooowly starting to realize that when my life feels messiest, it is always reflected in the state of my bedroom. Homework. Habits. Hairstyles. Stream of consciousness. Lowered tolerable levels of stress. Etc times infinity. You see, just as a mess is prone to do, it spills over into all sorts of places that it shouldn't.

Why am I thankful for this, you ask? Well. Because rather than let the general clutter that fills my life takeover and eat me alive, I have decided to declare war. No more of this disorganized nonsense. You see, someday I aspire to be the woman who made this happen:
And this:
oh yeah, and this:
this:and finally, this:
Just get it in your heads that someday, I am going to be super-mom.
I'll try to get it into mine too.
But for today, that is what I am grateful for: organization.
And the knowledge that someday I can be just that.


Meag said...

Dani, love your posts about what you're grateful for! They make me miss you a ton! Also, I think you & the Cute Boy are awesomely cute together.

PS. I can tutor you in the art of organization free of charge. It SERIOUSLY makes all the difference in the world, especially when you're a mommy!

Lynne said...

This is cool! Throw/give one thing away today!


you could move to India for a few months and realize you don't need all the stuff you have and deep cleanse when you get back. It's amazing what we can live without.