Saturday, November 27

a great day for football

Anybody else ready for this?
I think things look promising for the cougs today :)
I remember after last year's victory when Max Hall went off on this controversial little tirade. Everyone shook their finger at him publicly, but privately was thrilled that someone had finally voiced what we have all been feeling for years.
Amen, Max. Amen!

On a related topic, my baby brother Colten is playing in the semi-finals of the Oregon 4A state championship football tournament! Here is his adorable little mug in the newspaper.Fortunately, as per Thanksgiving break, I will be able to actually watch the game! I'm excited. My family is in Hillsboro, on the west side of the state right now waiting for a few hours before the game starts. In the meantime, my dad is spending his energy by loudly making snide comments about environmentalists when we find ourselves in large groups of native western-Oregonians. At the very least it's been pretty entertaining.

Holy War kickoff is at 1:30 at Rice-Eccles Stadium.
Baker-Gladstone kickoff is at 2:15 at Hillsboro Stadium.

Ready... BREAK!


alissa said...

you. are. so cute. i just love reading your posts!!

Rachel G said...

Hahaha I love that picture of Colten and DJ. I love getting your parents' emails to Kennan because it keeps me updated on Bulldog football :)

andreawinn1 said...

Go Bulldogs and Cougars!
We are both of those, and soon will be roommates. I'm excited.
That is all.