Monday, November 15

Project: Gratitude, Day 6

Today (and every day) I am grateful for this boy. I don't know how much he's going to appreciate me writing a blog dedicated entirely to him, but just like he had to put up with playing dress-up on Halloween, he's going to have to put up with me raving about him to the world :)

Speaking of Halloween... Here we are as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
He hates dressing up, but he told me that I could do whatever I wanted for costumes.
I think this picture pretty effectively sums up our respective feelings about the night.

Anyway back to the subject. Michael Everton. My favorite person I have ever met. He makes me happy. He listens to me. He makes me a better person. He puts up with my craziness. He makes me laugh. And he loves me despite my many...oddities. Because of these reasons and so many more, he is what I am most grateful for today.

Ps: this is my favorite picture of us. Except for the fact that my pallid skin makes me appear almost Twilight-esque, I love it. And him.


Selena said...

girl I had no idea you were dating someone! I was a little taken back when I saw a picture of you and some dude kissing you on the face. whaaaat! congrats yo!

Audrey said...

dani. I love your whole gratitute thing. A) because it means you are grateful, and B) because it means you blog a whole love more.

And finally, you mentioned Michael by name. Rather than "cute boy."

Congrats! :)

Jill & Brandon said...
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Sara said...

So fun! I just love happy relationships. Even when they include less than enthusiastic feelings for dressing up on Halloween.

andreawinn1 said...

I like it. Yay Michael! Also, I'm grateful for your blog because it makes me think of things I forget to be thankful for. Thanks!

Davis Family said...

Yay I've been waiting to see pics of "cute boy." It is a very appropriate name for him. :)