Monday, August 24


Today was my last day of work. My last shift at the Bistro was given to another girl (which I am a little angry about), and my last two shifts at the old folks' home were given to another girl (which I am even more angry and pretty sad about). Altogether that is $200 that I would have made. Sad sad sad. But the good news? I am completely done with work!! Yay! I am getting ridiculously excited to go back to Provo. And I'm excited to live with Rachelle and Audrey. Those girls=cool. Hence, I strongly suspect that this year will=cool.

4 days until BYU!!

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Audrey said...

YAY Yay yay yay yay!! If Me+Rachelle=cool, then me+Rachelle+Dani= SUPER COOL!!!