Wednesday, September 2

i seriously love byu

BYU is the best place in the world, I'm convinced of it. On Saturday after returning to Provo, I walked up to the bookstore to get my textbooks for the upcoming semester and it felt amazing. I know, weird right? Just walking up rape hill, past the testing center, Eyring science center, and library (where I will be spending a sick amount of time this year) and into the bookstore was Grrrreat! (To quote Tony the Tiger). I know that come midterms I'll have a different take on it, but for the honeymoon week of the fall 2009 semester, I am still completely and naively in love with BYU.

Why? You ask...

Well. Because of my rad rad friends who I now will attempt to name (in order of appearance since my return to Provo):

-Audrey S.
-Rachelle D.
-Jon L. (we need to hang out. soon.)
-Brandon B. (see the above)
-Whitney E. (see the above +we are going to dominate in volleyball. hardcore.)
-Lauren P.
-Crystal B./M.
-Rachel L.
-Ann R.
-Hannah S.
-Kaitlin A./M.
-Ashley V./G.
(funnn girl reunion)
-Adam D.
-Jordan E./C. (I am SO glad you are in my humanities class!)
-Pretty much everybody at the Tfund. I like that place way too much for it to be a job.
-Brad Tilley
-Shae McPhee
-Andrew Smith
-Stephen Tew
-Sam Parkinson
After tirelessly scanning the faces of everyone I pass on campus for the past 3 days, I have only seen these 5 boys. Sad sad sad. But don't worry ex-freshmen boys, I will find the rest of you... Wait and see.

Just as I suspected, this year has been supafly. I wish I had more to report, but this is it for now.

Oh and one more thing: bonfire on Friday night? I may or may not have been spreading the news abroad... Yes? No? Yes? Yes? Let's do it!

I love you all!


Ken and Meag said...

Shoot Dani! You are totally making me miss BYU, the first week is always so exciting! Tell everybody hey!!

Audrey said...

I'm loving that I am number two on your list of people. But I'm trying to figure out why Rachelle is number one. I hang out with you way more than she does. If it is because of the Telefund, that idea isn't true anymore because she quit. So ha. I'm number 1.

Audrey said...

So I just remembered the "in order of appearance" thing. And I'm pretty sure that I saw you first, the moment you arrived with Jill and I was on my way to Freshman Orientation.

Dani said...

wow, you are right. i offer my deepest sympathies. and now i'll go change it...