Sunday, August 23

i love love

Today I went to a wedding. It was very cool. This might be hard to believe, but I have never actually seen one before. With Mormon culture being the [awesome] way it is, I have sat in waiting rooms in temples during weddings, but have never actually been present for the wedding part of the wedding. I am not close with either the bride or the groom from today, but it was so cool to actually see! Maybe it's because I am a girl and hard-wired to do this kind of stuff, but I got a tiny bit emotional during the 'I do's'. What? I know, it was weird. But seriously, isn't it cool to think that there are people who love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of their lives? I loved it and want to become a wedding-attending enthusiast from this point onward. Actually, now that I think about it, I got a little teary when Crystal came out of the Denver temple with Scott. I think 21.5 years of life has turned me into a softie. The only downside of the whole thing was that I was wearing these:
and had to hike for about a mile through the rocky, hilly, dusty wilderness to get to the wedding location. That part was not fun.

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