Monday, June 28

hello yellow

Welcome to my newly-renovated blog! Do you love the rocket ships and robots? Because guess what, I do too. I figured I might as well write a little post since I spent a bunch of time playing around with the layout. Hence, I would like to take this little opportunity to say:

I love summertime!!

Yes, it's true. I really really do (Ha, a rhyme. You're welcome for that little taste of culture). I am turning into a tan woman, not working nearly as hard as I should be, but making up for it with the energy that I'm putting into playing. I love it. Maybe too much. Is anyone else beside themselves with excitement for the FOURTH OF JULY? I am so so grateful to be an American and love that we have the opportunity to celebrate the awesomeness that is the United States of America. Plus the fact that we get to play with sparklers all night is pretty sweet.


Rachel G said...

I see you found the new blogger design templates! You should blog more, I like reading what you are up to. When are you coming to visit me in NYC???

Audrey said...

DANI. BLOG MORE. I love it when you blog.

You are too dang funny. It would be selfish not to share that hilarity with the world... through your blog. all the time.

amy said...

thank you for blogging.