Sunday, April 4

rules for my life

1. read your scriptures. every day. like it.
2. let things go.
3. there are not many good excuses to not be wearing mascara.
4. everyone has things they have to do. you can either hate doing them or like doing them. try to like doing them for a change.
5. stay in contact with the people you love.
6. allow yourself to be a little obsessed with things (running, makeup, romantic poetry, boys, etc).
7. remember that all things happen for a reason.
8. give people the benefit of the doubt.
9. always have chapstick handy.
10. be honest and straightforward with people. they like it. and you'll like yourself for it.


amy said...

rules for my life:
i love dani richards.

amy said...

i wish you blogged. regularly.