Thursday, May 21


Hellooo everyone! It's been awhile since I last blogged, so I figured that I should let y'all know some of the things going on in Baker, Oregon. Btw, I have been hardcore stalking you all via blog. It's pretty sweet.

Okay, first things first. I am not going on a mission. That one is a little hard to announce because it makes me sad. Pretty much what happened was that I got everything done and taken care of and immediately after my stake president interview, I didn't feel right about it and went to talk to him about it the next day. He told me that he was going to transfer my papers to my bishop in Oregon, but about a week later, I decided that the mission is off for sure. Meaning: I'll be in Provo in the fall. Ready to party.

As for right now, I've been hanging out with people named Velma, Thelma, Myrtle, Erma, Harry, Virgil, and Betty. Yep, I party with the elderly. It's a bit sad to me that my social life has been reduced to this. Technically it's for my job (I'm a caregiver at an assisted living home), but I don't like that I spend more time with people fifty years older than me than with my friends. And I have seen them all naked. It's not cool.

On the bright side, there are only 15 days until I will be experiencing this:


And I'm planning on looking like this girl by the end of it:


Lorina said...

Hi! Hi! Hi! I'm so sorry that we haven't gotten a hold of each other. I will call you today! Please answer your phone because I want to talk to you!! I miss you!

hannahshirley said...

dannnnnn. i can't wait for your provo visit :) have fun cruising.

Audrey said...

Dani!!! I understand your decision not to go... but it totally screws up our plan. That's okay, I forgive you. We can party in Provo in August before I leave, okay?

Rachel G said...

Dani I miss you. What are you up to lately??!