Friday, April 17

It's Official

After watching the midnight showing of 17 Again with my besties, I am now a fan.

(this picture is my laptop background)


Meghan said...



This is an AMAZING picture :-)

Lets go see the movie again tonight!!!! Ok?

Audrey said...

Um, if you guys go see it again without me, I WILL DIE!!! I have to come too. Anyway, I'm very proud to have converted you. And also, you are not a sicko. You have just joined the masses. Wear that shirt proudly now, girl! And last, Kaitlin has a full size poster of that picture. She hung it up in her closet last year, and I was like, "Share that joy with the world, woman!" Okay, this is really last: I have Zac on my computer background too. And his face is huge. Maybe I'll email you the picture.

Audrey said...

P.S. I have to add that the pic of Zac is perfect with the zebra stripes. That's all I'm saying.

hannahshirley said...

That is the most homosexual looking thing that I ever seen.

kaitlin said...

I LOVE that pictures!!

I used to have a poster of it, but I lost sad...

I really need your address of where you are going to be this summer so then I can send you an invitation!!