Sunday, March 6

coming soon to a blogosphere near you...

a brand new blog for a brand new relationship status
(for those of you just tuning in, the new relationship status is married).

get ready.
i know i'm trying *to.

(19 days left!)

*side note: my thousands of dollars invested in a college education have taught me at least one useful thing: ending a sentence in a preposition really is okay. these days i do it just out of spite.


Rachel G said...

haha cute :) is michael going to contribute to the (new) blog??

Unknown said...

I noticed you are using my terbear lovebirds (hand drawn by myself) on your blog.
This image is not allowed to be used without consent from me
please remove the image or at least provide credit and a link to my rubber stamp listing in my store.
you can contact me with any questions at

Mirabili Vestium said...