Friday, January 14

so about those new years resolutions...

one of mine is to do things when i plan to do them. but as evidenced by the fact that this post is already two weeks overdue, i think it's pretty clear that i'm down for the count. so. here are my 2011 resolutions:
watch every episode of this
marry him
run this
set him up with his wife
drink more of this
plant one of these
have a kinder one of these
don't eat any of this for a month
get these taken out
read this 3 times
see more of this


Lene B said...

good luck dan. :) also, your link to the read 3 times is not working.

Audrey said...

I love this Dan. It was like a surprise every time I clicked on a picture link.

And you haven't had your wisdom teeth out??? I think I forgot that. Well, good luck with that!!!

And good luck finding Seth a wife.

And also, what is the exact date of your marathon?

Alec and Emily said...

This was cute! You are one down! I hope that you are feeling ok after yesterday!!! If you need anything, let us know!

Maddie said...

hey you should write a blog about how amazing i am and how i'm your favorite sibling since it's MY BIRTHDAY today!!!!

Rachel G said...

You are such a clever blogger Dani! I'm so excited about your wedding, when are the invites going out?

Rachel G said...

Also you should post more of your wedding planning ideas and/or issues on here, I wanna see them!

aubry. said...

unrelated comment alert:

did you die with sadness when they told you amos was sick? did you stick around for the show last night? i died. DIED. i need some amos.