Saturday, December 11


i have an anouncement.


details to follow...
in the meantime, please ogle over this little beauty:

i can't stop looking at it.


Rachel G said...

I love it! The round ones are my favorite, they are the classiest I think. Did you pick it out or was it a total surprise?

Meag said...

Dani!!! I am so sooo stoked for you!!! I'm so excited to hear details, dates, etc.!!! SOOOO AWESOME :)

Jenni said...

Yay! btw I am officially going to start blog stalking you. give me your email and I'll let you stalk me :)

Selena said...

oh my goodness it is so hot. I am so sososos happy for you! Maybe blog about how he proposed???

Kjirsten Brynn said...

oh, i am ogling :)