Friday, February 12

um yes, yes i do plan on doing this

fact 1:
there is nothing on this entire planet cuter than a puppy.
fact 2:
i am adopting one.

i only hope that
1. rachelle has been lying all along about her "dog allergies,"
2. audrey has been lying about hating dogs
(which has long led me to suspect that she has no heart),
3. that lynne won't mind if i don't bother asking.

i am going to name her either callie or izzy
because yes, i do love grey's anatomy enough to do that.

1 comment:

Lexy said...

So, this may be in the category of kind of creepy, but I found your blog through Amy's and well now I'm reading it. And I vote Callie. Because, I too, love grey's and am pissed to the off that Izzy has been gone for soooooooooo long. Why didn't they just kill her then? Instead of George? Huh, Shonda Rhimes?