Monday, July 14


Well blogging world, it's been awhile. I realized how incredibly long it has been the other day while on the phone with my mom when she mentioned that I haven't written for awhile. I feel a little bad that this particular entry is my reintroduction to the world of blog though. Usually I have some great point to make or story to tell but at this moment I am at a loss. I wish I had something profound to call to the attention of my loyal readers, but alas all I can say is this: I love people. At this moment in particular I love my new buddies Jordan, Beth, Alena, and Bethanie. These girls are so amazing and my summer has improved exponentially since I have started spending time with them.

Also, I never realized the amount of fun available to Provo residents. This summer, some of the exciting things I have done are:
Ghost hunting
Night Hiking
Feeding my Taco Bell addiction
Watching scary movies in Provo Canyon at night
SLC Trips

There is even more to come on the agenda:
Visiting a local ghost town
Geo caching
Going to the Zoo
Riding on the Heber Creeper
The aquarium
The Alpine Slide
Relief Society Girl's Camp
John Mayer concert
Colorado road trip
Thanksgiving Point gardens
The new Batman movie
The Drive-in

I love summer.


Jord said...

i love our adventures.
im happy that we are friends.
the end.

Beth said...

me too!

hannahshirley said...

...Hannah visiting, maybe..?

Rachel G said...

Dani girl I miss you! I'm going to be in Boise Aug 21-25. What are you and Jill doing this summer??